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Madura Wedding Invitation Box



In pre-industrial Java and Madura wedding invitations were often sent in the form of cooked foods. To invite an important member of the community special containers would be constructed out of wood to be carried by two men using a shoulder pole between them. Inside there would be stacked plates to be returned to family inviting after the food has been put into different plates. Other people would be walking in procession carrying boxes like this also with plates of food in them. Often these boxes and the larger food boxes would belong to the village or the mosque and people could borrow them for special occasions. This tradition died away with the industrialization of rice farming with the so called 'Green Revolution' which took place in the 1970's. This box is in pretty good condition made of thin wood and enamel paint. It stands almost 17cm high and it is around 46cm across the longest points of the ellipse.

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