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Bali Ebony Box



This Balinese box is made of ebony which is now a protected wood. It is in perfect condition and is beautifully carved with the frangipani and hibiscus which have become the flowers to represent Bali. Nowadays ebony is rarely used by Bali carvers, because it is expensive and very rare, and instead the Balinese carvers use sawo or sonokeling.

The style and materials used in this box indicate that it must have been made either in the beginning of Bali tourism (1920's) or early in the second phase of Bali tourism (1970's), when many pencil boxes like this were produced although most were not carved in ebony. The ebony pencil case would have been the finest and most expensive wood pencil case at the time.

Frangipani and hibiscus are common symbols in Balinese visual art and the red hibiscus and the white frangipani often are used as offerings, particularly to the god Syiwa.

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