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Kudus Sono wood Sewing Box with tray



Located on the North Coast of Central Java, Kudus was one of the centres of culture, commerce and politics during the 15th century, when Islam began to spread in Java. During the late 19th century Kudus, along with Jepara and Rembang, were amongst the first areas in Java to benefit from Western education and women's emancipation.

The idea of the emancipation of women was sown by the Princess R.A Kartini from Jepara. She enjoyed her Western education and established schools for girls, emphasising the arts and crafts at the beginning of the 20th century. This sewing box appears to be one of the products of Kudus that was inspired by that movement.

The wood used is Javanese sonokeling wood which is not dissimilar to rosewood. It is finely carved with geometrical and floral motives that give a hint of European influence. This box appears to have been well used and loved.

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