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Keris Singa Barong Luk 11 New Madura blade with new Yogyakarta scabbard in teak burl


This keris has eleven luk bends associated with the maker's prayers that the bearer of this keris be given high spiritual and material aspirations and ambitions to the power to achieve them. The carved singa barong lion on the gandhik is associated with the knowledge and practice of kingship.


The pattern of the damascene of this keris is called the flow of water or ilining warih and is believed to bring prosperity. The ganja is in the wavy and new kelap lintah style which means that this keris is not trying to appear old.


The scabbard is from teak burl in the Yogyakarta branggah style. Indostan is proud to offer the hand in marriage of this good blade for a very modest dowry of two hundred pounds.


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