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Keris Singa Barong Luk 13 Krawangan 20th Century Madura blade with very finely carved Madura scabbard in sawo wood


This keris has thirteen luk bends associated with the maker's prayers asking that the bearer of this blade be given stability and peace both materially and spiritually. It has also been given krawangan holes to attach gold in the kinatah emas technique. The gandhik has been carved in the shape of the singa barong lion and is believed to posses esoteric powers associated with kingship. The pattern of the damascene is pamor pedaringan kebak associated with wealth and prosperity.


The dapur singa barong keris is only suitable for leaders and people who practice kingship. It is not a suitable keris for someone of low or middle social status.


This new keris was made by the Mpu in the village of Aeng Tong Tong in Madura but unlike most Aeng Tong Tong keris this one does not pretend to be old. It has been honestly crafted according to classical knowledge using many layers of pamor and the details have been carved very finely. Indeed it is a fine keris, worthy of getting gold chiseled into it in the kinatah emas technique. It is a keris ageman to be worn as a sign of status rather than a keris tayuhan which is kept for its esoteric powers.


The scabbard of this keris is finely carved sawo wood in the traditional Madura coat of arms with the flying horse and officer's epaulets carved on to the hilt and the top part of the scabbard. As guardian of this magnificent blade and scabbard Indostan would accept a dowry of three hundred and twenty five pounds for the hand in marriage of this keris.

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