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Keris Brojol Palembang 18th-19th century blade, 20th century scabbard


Although this keris was collected by Thierry Durieux in the city Yogyakarta in Java in the mid 1980's the blade and scabbard of this keris are from Palembang in south Sumatera. Palembang produced goodkeris from the 17th till the early 20th century using Javanese techniques and values. Thus although this keris is a Sumatran blade it can be described according to classic Javanese tradition.


The straight blade has the simplest details being only a pijetan making this dapur brojol. The brojol shape of blade is sought after by politicians and midwives for the esoteric powers of the brojol blade are associated with the process of birth. The pamor on this blade is kulit semangka wengkon meaning the pattern is like the rind of a watermelon and there is a border pattern as well. This is associated with prosperity and happiness (the watermelon rind) and the border is for protection.


The scabbard of this keris appears is in the beautiful sonokeling wood and it is a modern Sumatran design. Indostan would accept a modest dowry of three hundred and twenty five pounds for the hand in marriage of this keris.


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