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Keris straight Tilam Upih blade tangguh Madiun late 16th - early 19th century East Java, with pamor tulak adeg and old hardwood branggah style with painted gold leaf of the early 20th century


This keris has a straight blade symbolizing the maker's prayers that the bearer of this keris be given steadfastness and faith. With no ricikan details but the tikel alis this blade is called the Tilam Upih style. This dapur is the most common style of keris in Java and is believed to protect, guide, and inspire the tongue of the bearer.


The meteorite pamor on this blade was beaten to a design of fine lines along the length of the blade. This design is called pamor tulak adeg and is believed to symbolize the makers prayer for the bearer of this keris to be protected from accident, disaster, and other people's ill will. It is only suitable for people of high moral standards.


The scabbard is in the 20th century Yogyakarta branggah style worn when the owner is attending ceremonies as a guest or as the host, and appears to have been made for this keris. It has some remnants of gold leaf painted on it indicating that this keris one belonged to a member of the aristocracy. The hilt in the prized tayuman wood is a Yogyakarta krajan kingly style which is different to other Java hilts in that it is hardly stooping at all. As guardian of this object of power Indostan is happy to offer this keris for a modest dowry of five hundred pounds.


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