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Badik in wesi kuning, from Selayar, approximately 19th century or earlier



A badik is a stabbing blade made primarily as a weapon to use in close combat silat martial arts as opposed to a keris which is made as a symbol and a prayer. A badik is a weapon in the sense that it is made to kill. Although a badik is not a keris it is often made from beautiful pamor too.


This badik is an extremely rare and high quality stabbing dagger of Selayar. It is made of mythical wesi kuning and was probably made in the 19th century or maybe earlier although it appears that the whole piece has all its original parts. According to the studies of scientists in the National Atomic Energy Institute of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, wesi kuning is an alloy of seven metals, namely iron, gold, silver, copper, nickel, Zn and lead. Usually one finds wesi kuning in tiny pieces worn as amulets in a belt or a pouch. It is believed that the wielder of any pusaka made of wesi kuning will posses invincibility to other blades.


The carving on the sheath and the handle are distinctively from Selayar, an island off Sulawesi. It is in nearly perfect condition, and it appears that the sheath and handle are the originals, carved specifically from sandal wood for this blade of wesi kuning. This blade most likely belonged to a martial artist or soldier and sailor of high caste. Wesi kuning is believed to be able to bring protection to the bearer in times of peace and in war a bearer of wesi kuning inspires fear into his foes hearts.


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