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Java White Tigers

200 pair


These brilliant samples of Java folk art measure about 18 x 30cm on the wall end, and protrude from the wall approximately 25cm. Until the late 19th century tiger baiting was a popular sport in Java. Now, the Java tiger is fighting extinction in reserves.

The Java white tiger is a mythical beast and various versions of white tiger stories can be found all over Java. There are also white tiger schools of martial arts, along with white tiger esoteric knowledge. Some people are believed to be able to transform into a white tiger when in danger while some people are known to keep a supernatural white tiger in their home to guard it. Many villages have a white tiger guardian spirit.

White tigers often become widely popular in times of upheaval, like the Java War 1825-30, the Independence Revolution 1942-1949, and the Communist slaughter in 1966. It is highly likely that this pair of white tiger was carved by a martial artist to hang up on the main wall of his house, some time in the years 1942-1966. The soft but supple waru wood is hand hewn in considerable detail and one can still find the remnants of whiskers.

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