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Banyuwangi Woman Riding Elephant



This endearing piece of folk art from the eastern tip of the island of Java is naively carved out of a knot of ori bamboo and the color applied is of a red and blue ballpoint pen. This gives us an idea of when this piece was sculpted and by whom for the colored ballpoint would put the date of coloring post 1970's and would be associated with a school so one might safely guess that this statue was made by a student. Obviously the student had never seen an elephant and carved the tiny trunk according to hearsay that an elephant's trunk is like a snake.

Who does it depict is more of a mystery as the figure astride the elephant is unidentifiable The long haired figure could be a young man or it also could be a young woman. It was collected by Thierry Durieux in the 1980's in Banyuwangi in the eastern tip of Java.

The people of Banyuwangi have their own culture and identity different to the main East Javanese culture that dominates the rest of East Java. The Banyuwangi people call themselves the Osing and the Blambangan kingdom was the last bastion of Syiwa-Buddhism in 16-17'th century Java. Banyuwangi is rich in art and culture but is nowadays predominately Muslim although the animism and the Hinduism of the old is apparent in most arts there without even having to scratch under the surface.

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