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East Java Loro Blonyo couple on stand



These figures represent the rice Goddess Dewi Sri and her consort Sadana. They are the guardians of wet rice cultivation.Wet rice cultivation was widespread in Java by at least the 4'th century, and it is possible that this type of agriculture was practised long before. In traditional agriculture, offerings are made to these two Gods at every stage of the rice cultivation. These figures would have guarded the front of the kobongan or senthong tengah, the centre and the most sacred part of the traditional Javanese home, where the rice Goddess Dewi Sri is supposed to stay. These figures are usually carved for weddings, and are often the likeness' of the bride and groom.

This particular pair of Loro Blonyo are dressed in early 20'th century East Javanese traditional wedding costume, and painted in enamel paints. Overall the figures are in excellent condition except for the crack in the wood of the bride. The carving is uniquely nave suggesting that the maker of these Loro Blonyo only made one for a special purpose which would have been a wedding.

The colour yellow in Java is associated with royalty and as kings and queens for day the bride and groom are made up to appear yellow. The bride's forehead is shaved and painted in black curves. The earrings are the unusual and endearing detail of this fine piece of folk-art.

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