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Madura Footballers and Wives



Madura is a small island off the North East coast of Java, and has a distinctive culture, quite different from Java. Nowadays, Madura is strongly Muslim, but non-Islamic elements are still strong in Madura culture.


This particular piece has been carved out of a single piece of teak wood and appears to have been painted with acrylics. The carving is deft and confident, but the theme and the overall harmony is somewhat eccentric. This could not have been carved for the market, nor could have it been carved as a commission, but it was clearly carved by someone familiar with wood carving tools. The flowers on the base, for example, are traditional designs of flowers, and the use of them here indicate that the maker was a trained as a traditional carver, but just for once decided to carve out of his whim.

One of the joys of collecting folk-art is stumbling across pieces that are bursting with humour like this one. The carver and the painter seem to have been the same person, and judging from the use of acrylic paints, it would be safe to say that this was carved after 1980.

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